This is a Larp about Life and Fight.Riot Tribe
In a dystopic vision of the future, we can see the patriarchy at its strongest and most violent form and experience the Sisterhood that resists and rebels against it.
Like almost all larps, Fight Like A Girl is about identity, group dynamics and relationships, about difficult situations and impossible decisions. These elements tell people’s history of all times, in this case, in a setting of war against oppression.

Three main themes build the larp Fight Like A Girl:

War and Sisterhood

This is a game about fighting an infinitely strong and powerful oppressive norm: the patriarchy. To use whatever methods are needed to win, and to refuse to ever give up. To die rather than bend your knee for a government that will never let you be free.

Strong ties between the warriors are welded in the battle. A sisterhood baptized in blood and pain that lasts forever. Despite conflicts and grievances, there is no stronger love than that between the Sisters in the resistance, both living and dead.

Sorrow and hope

Life in the resistance is surrounded by death and the mourning for fallen Sisters. The larp is about managing the pain, grief and doubt. About keeping hope alive, despite heavy losses and small prospect of winning against such a great darkness. All Sisters hesitate and lose courage at some point, and all sisters have to come back to the fight and learn to believe again that they live and die for a better future.

Riot TribeAttitude

This is also a larp that embodies powerful people. Larger than life attitude is itself a part of the style of the larp; Big weapons, crazy outfits and awesome war paintings are part of telling an epic story. We appeal to the extraordinary and exaggerated to express the feel of the powerful and magnificent people who carry the revolution on their shoulders. Gritty realism may stand back a bit for the hard, grandiose Sisters that chew bubblegum and kick ass.

About the Larp

The setting for this larp is a meeting between different factions in the resistance. There will be elements of negotiations and discussions in smaller and larger groups but to a large extent you can choose how much time you spend on this. Overall, you will have a lot of time to explore the themes of your character and the group, with shorter meetings and joint scenes spread throughout the larp. The majority of the larp circles around relationships and conflicts; between individuals, within the small group and between groups and factions.

This is a larp about Sisterhood and the resistance against an oppressive patriarchy. The characters will be either women (cis- or trans-), transmen, or non-binary. There are cis-men fighting in the resistance but this larp is not about their story.

The player is assigned a Fight Crew, a small group of about a handful of people who have a predetermined theme of some kind of conflict or problem. Based on this group theme, the player then themself creates their character and relationships with others within the faction. In addition, the players can create Sororities, small units of people spread among the different factions, with strong emotional ties.

Nebula PrimeThe game will have one period where Fight Crews, three or four at a time, go off-game to roleplay a shorter session where you simulate a mission the characters carry out.

Fight Like A Girl is a Nordic style larp. It means that the conflicts that exist are there to create drama, emotions and exciting stories, they can not ”be won” and the gamistic elements in the larp are few, especially between the characters and groups of the larp.

Expect celebration, anger, joy, dancing and fighting. Expect a furiously colorful, kick-ass, cyberpunk sisterhood gathered against the concrete and stone background of one of the coolest Larp locations we have ever seen : the gigantic abandoned Mimerlaven factory.