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First sign-up is closed.

Buuut… We do have some spots left. You can make a late signup by filling out the form below.
It will be tricksier to get you into your preferred Faction.
Your best shot of getting the faction you want is to find 3-5 other people who want the same faction as you, and then all of you sending in late signups.

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Larping is about co-creation. By signing up you enter into a social contract with us.
Read here what we promise you – and what we expect from you in turn.
Swedish: Deltagarkontrakt
English: Participation contract

Sign-up opens March 3rd!

This is the time line of the signup process:

March 3 – sign up opens.
March 23 – sign up closes.
March 26 – Participants are informed about their character’s faction and fight crew*.
April 9 – participation fee should be in our bank**, ***
June 8 – check in opens at 6.00PM
June 9 – larp ends, and afterparty starts, at 11.00PM
June 10 – cleaning day! Participants who do not help clean (please do sign up to help out- we need the help) must be off site by 11AM.

**If this is a problem for you, please reach out to us to discuss paying in installments. ***We cannot offer refunds of your participation fee after this date.