Riot Tribe

Most people think that Riot Tribe started during the riots in Stockholm’s suburbs seven years ago, but nobody can say for sure. Members of Riot Tribe are rarely long time survivors and there are no original members left today. But when a Sister falls there is soon someone there to pick up where she left off and continue the fighting. The Faction’s seemingly chaotic organization has been its strength as authorities and SFK find it difficult to track and chart the group. Each Fight Crew is basically self-governing and chooses their missions themselves, but there are heroines the others listen to and follow when they call. Often, such a figure is surrounded by a handful of Fight Crews, but it is a fluid and ever-changing system. A sister that others follow is jokingly called a BossLady, the more famous heroines go under the epithet BigBossLady.

Riot Tribe

Of all the factions in the war, Riot Tribe is the most feared by society. Their wild and ruthless attitude has resulted in the highest death tolls, and a great number of civilians have been killed in attacks and explosions. However, most of the Sisters in the faction come from the lower social classes, where the Riot Tribe has a widespread support. Among the poor in the slums Sisters can often hide and get help, an advantage no other faction enjoy.

Within Riot Tribe, the sisters live for the day. Because the mortality rate is so high they try to live to the fullest in every moment; laughing, crying, loving and hating with a glowing intensity that may appear as somewhat manic, which also increases the rumors of drug use within the faction. State media refers to Riot Tribe as a ”drug-induced chaotic stream of violence and anger,” which is obviously propaganda, but has some truth to it. Drug use is widespread within the working class and the habit has spread into the Riot Tribe where drugs are used to induce rage before battles and to suppress unwelcome feelings of fear and guilt.

Riot Tribe is most well-known for its spectacular bombings of targets with tactical or symbolical importance, or both, but they also perform direct attacks on military units and police. Riot Tribe usually avoid pure suicide attacks, but the sisters are constantly aware that the direct tactics they use poses a high risk of death.

Style: Bright neon colors.  Big hair, big guns, big jewelry.

Makeup: War paint, lines in neon color.

Riot Tribe style