• Check-in opens Friday June 8 at 18.00 and closes 19.30.
  • Mandatory pre-larp workshops will be held 20-22.30.
  • The larp starts Saturday morning and ends Saturday evening at 22.30, followed by an afterparty.
  • Sunday morning there will be a light breakfast and we will tear down scenography and clean the place up together.


Mimerlaven, Norberg.

Sleep and food

Your admission fee covers (among many other things) snacks on Friday evening (June 8), your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on Saturday (June 9) and a simple breakfast on Sunday (June 10.) The event space will have porta-toilets (bajjamajjor), at least one of which will be wheelchair accessible. There is no running water, but we will bring a water tank on site. There are no showers – but there is a nearby lake with a beach (Swedes LOVE lake swimming and bathing in the summer!)

You are welcome to bring a tent to pitch on the gravel outside the Mimerlaven factory – or you can find hotels, hostels or contact the camping ground (they have cabins and tent space) in Norberg itself. 

We suggest that you stay in Norberg the night after the larp as well. We hope that you’ll dance with us at the afterparty and you might be far too tired to drive after a very, very intense day.

We welcome everyone! And of course, both gendered and agendered people are welcome (see note about gender of characters below.)

People under 18 are welcome, if they come in the company of a person over 18.

Is this your first larp? We’re thrilled to have you. We’ll take care of you. You’ll have a great time.


850sek Standard Price (if you have a steady income and good economic situation)

650sek Reduced price (if you have a difficult economic situation)

[We also hope to offer a Larpfund Sponsored Price, 450SEK, for those who could not attend the larp at all, otherwise]

Mimerlaven NorbergTravel:

We recommend that you find a travel solution that involves a car.

Travel times:
1h40min from Uppsala
2h from Stockholm
1h from Västerås

We suggest that you use the facebook groups to co-ordinate travel.

If you want to go by local transportation, you have a few, but not many options. First, go here:, click on DIRECTIONS and enter your starting point. There will not be many buses connecting Norberg, where Mimerlaven is, to slightly more central towns (like Avesta). You might consider travelling to Avesta by local transportation, and then trying to get someone else to pick you up in their car their. We suggest that you use the facebook groups to co-ordinate travel.

To buy tickets on Swedish local transportation (including buses), go to


Stuff you have to do or bring

  • Create a character, based on the fight crew skeleton you and the others in your crew get.
  • A costume for your character (see FACTION information under FICTION). The factory is awesome and fantastically cyberpunk – but also cold, with ”mood lightning” and it has narrow steep stairs – so make a costume that will keep you warm and leave the stilettos at home.
  • Warpaint/makeup for your character (see FACTION information under FICTION, if you are a rookie, you should bring warpaint for the faction you will be assigned to during the larp). Also bring a mirror for putting on the makeup and wipes to take it of (there is no running water at the factory)
  • A place to sleep before and/or after the larp, if you intend to do so. You can bring a tent or find a hostel or hotel in Norberg. There are also some tent places available for far-away guests: let us know if you can’t bring your own. If you intend to sleep in a tent you will of course also need something to sleep on, a sleeping bag etc etc. There is no shower at the site.
  • A tea/coffee mug (that you can use in game)

Stuff you and your fight crew have to organize together in the months before the larp:

Each fight crew is used to bug in and bug out – that is, to quickly set up a small nest wherever they make camp. You will have about 30 minutes to do this before the larp starts. Your nest should contain:

  • Several battery driven light sources (it’s a big, sometimes dark, factory. Lots of this!)
  • Something to sit on, and invite guests to sit on. (pillows, stools, bedrolls, whatever fits your style.)
  • A flag that represents you. It can be anything – from a torn piece of fabric to a 2x2m led-encrusted velvet. The bigger the better – but you decide.
  • “Fika” (afternoon snacks) that everyone in your crew can eat, that represents your style and that you can offer to the occasional guest.
  • Each Fight Crew should have at least one watch to be on time for missions and such.


During the larp there will be no actual fighting or shooting (except centrally organized laser-tag). Hence all personal weapons are props, meant to be part of the outfit and symbolising the wearers part in a war. You can use airsoft-guns, nerf-guns, replicas or home built stuff as guns and blunted steel or boffers as melee weapons. Airsoft-guns should not be loaded during the larp.

If the player is under 18 years of age it is illegal for them in sweden to handle airsoft-guns. Minors may still have nerf-guns, replicas or melee weapons, which is legal for all.

Ingame there are three different classes of guns, each with their own pros and cons. Projectiles are the old fashioned weapons that shoot bullets, they are reliable and work in most conditions. They are sometimes called Boomers, since they are loud and noisy compared to later weapons.

Lasers are more efficient and precise but have a short life-span and might stop working in cold or dusty environments. They are also sensitive to EMP-strikes. A popular name for these weapons is Lizzys.

Bio-techs are weapons that don’t kill the victim immediately but knocks them out and infects them with designed viruses. These are vicious but might also be dangerous to the user since they sometimes malfunction and the viruses can spread to the user or others around the weapon. Slang for bio-tech weapons are Nergals or Nergies, after an ancient god of war and pestilence called Nergal.

Since there is a very different feel and looks to airsoft guns and nerf guns we suggest that you let airsoft guns represent projectiles/boomers or lasers/lizzys and nerf guns represent bio-techs/nergies, but since there are some airsoft guns that looks very sci-fi and some nerfs that are made to look like real weapons it’s not a rule, just a guideline.


In the future Sweden is becoming increasingly more anglified; many Swedes are bilingual and much of the media and general communication is in English. There are areas where people only speak English but there are also places where Swedish is the only spoken language. The languages of the player is thus the languages of the character, and one uses the language that is most logical in the situation. When you speak to someone who barely speaks Swedish, you speak English, between two people who have Swedish as their primary language Swedish is of course the language they use. Meetings and general information will, however, largely be in English, so a basic understanding may be needed to get the most out of the larp. The website’s texts are in English but are available in Swedish; contact an organizer to access a collection of the texts in Swedish.


Fight Like A Girl is a larp about the oppression some people are exposed to because of the bodies they are born with. Therefore, all characters on the larp need to have lived with this oppression. The participant chooses the gender of the character, as long as it is not a cis-man

In the resistance movement, the fighters are always called Sisters. The pronoun ”she” is the most common one used for anyone who has not explicitly stated otherwise. (Out of game, you are expected to ask people about their pronouns.)

No characters will be cis-men. Cis-men participants are most welcome!

Policy on discrimination:

We will accept no discrimination, including but not limited to, discrimination based on gender, sexuality, race, religion, ethnicity. There will be full time Safety Hosts (trygghetsvärdar) available during the larp. We have no qualms about removing people from the site – though we hope that it will not be necessary.

Safety and Security:

When the signup is closed and the casting done, all participants will get access to a list of participants and their factions. If there is someone on that list that makes you feel unsafe, please contact the organizers asap and we will handle it.

There will be full time Safety Hosts (trygghetsvärdar) available during the larp, see Mothers

There will also be a medical officer on site and designated drivers for emergency transport.