Creative Team

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Main organizers

Frida Gamero

Frida Gamero




Susanne VejdemoSusanne Vejdemo




And Karin Fonnaland, main on-site-organizer

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Fight Like A Girl Larp 2018 – Participants


Creative team

Lisa Ekbom – web


Helena Svensson – logo

Karin Johansson – recon & direction

Ylva Berry och Jacob Orderberg – lasergame designers

Elina Andersson & Clara Linderland – scenography & lighting

Sofia Stenler & Jon Back – roleplaying game developers

Martin Rydberg Hedén – electricity, local guru, food design and cooking

Arnold Westberg – food design and cooking

Jan-Åke Fonnaland – photography

Karin Fonnaland – make-up and photoshop

Mina Jankovic at The Third Gift Games is building an in-game app and digital infrastructure for us. She has previously built apps for Blodsband, Tales from the Sprawl, Sommarland, Vinterland (among others). If you want to support Mina and her work, CLICK HERE! 

A big thanks to our models: Sara Engström, Helena Svensson, Annika Waern, Mia Sand, Sara Bäckman, Johanna Krumlinde, Dennis Nicci Mattsson, Emelie Klanac, Lena Padukova, Alexandra Torstensson, Adrijanna Skarped and Anna Erlandsson.

Thank you to Spelets Hus in Göteborg for lending us space for a photoshoot.

We’d like to give a big shout-out to our contact person at Studiefrämjandet – Erland Nylund. Studiefrämjandet supports this project financially and by lending us cool stuff.

We’d also like to thank Sverok Mälardalen, which has supported the project financially.