Outside the vast megacities’ labyrinths of cement and glass lies a desolate landscape where few can survive. Among dusty streams of gravel and poisonous lakes lives the Nightcrawlers faction. Nearly ten years ago, seven women took the step of leaving the city and the governmental surveillance and it did not take long before others joined them. Today, Nightcrawlers consist of several smaller tribes govern by the founders; the Seven Elders. A tribe consists of a handful of Fight Crews, each Fight crew is led by a veteran called an Alpha.


Out in the wilderness, women can be somewhat free from government authorities who only appear out there at short raids. This means freedom to build their own micro community without hiding, but it’s hard to survive and hunger and disease are as dangerous as the war in the cities. In addition, it’s easy to forget the fight against the oppression when you struggle every day to find food and water, something Nightcrawlers often gets criticised for by other factions. Their isolation from the rest of society is both their strength and weakness.

But the resistance is nevertheless what Nightcrawlers is centered around and it is definitely a faction to be reckoned with in the war. Their main modus operandi is sabotage and guerrilla warfare. By moving through underground tunnels, sewers, and abandoned subway tracks they get around and can interfere with communications, logistics, and destroy important hubs for electricity and water supply. Their attacks are not as spectacular as other factions’, but will often paralyze governmental authorities in a very effective manner without sacrificing civilian life unnecessarily. In addition, Nightcrawlers is the best at moving fast and unnoticed, both close to the enemy and between the megacities. They will often help other factions transporting goods and helping those who need to escape from the authorities.

In their relative isolation from society, Nightcrawlers have cultivated their own distinct culture and are seen by others as a bit odd. Especially the faction’s ban on implants is considered weird and extreme in most eyes. There is an ongoing discussion in the entire resistance movement, as in the rest of society, about which implants can be considered safe and impossible to track, but within Nightcrawlers there is a zero tolerance for implants of any kind. Implants are considered unnatural and dangerous for the woman’s bodily autonomy, but also as a danger to the whole group since all implants can possibly be hacked by an enemy.

Style: Worn and torn. Grey, brown and beige, colors of the wasteland.

Makeup: Dark grimy eyes and black lips, some have full on skull-face.


Nightcrawlers style