Nebula Prime

Shortly after the introduction of the controversial Law 11-39, the public heard the name Nebula Prime  for the first time. In one of the first major attacks against society’s institutions, a digital medical archive was hacked. Nearly 100,000 women’s names disappeared from the registry so they could not be called for over two years to the mandatory inseminations imposed by the law. The Nebula Prime group took on the blame for the attack and became one of society’s most hunted enemies as well as received a wave of new recruits.

Nebula Prime

For Nebula Prime, technology is not just the main weapon in the war, it is part of the philosophy:A woman cannot decide what body she is born with, a body the state wants to own and use. She can however use technology to take control over biology and build herself the body she wants. Implants and technology are used with close to religious reverence as a path to equality and true bodily autonomy.

Nebula Prime is most well-known for its hacker attacks which sabotage government agencies. The government has however begun to rely more and more on physical components and human factors in many systems to prevent hacking. In response to this, Nebula Prime has begun kidnapping officials, police chiefs and politicians to hack and reprogram their implants before releasing them to turn into live virus carriers.

When it comes to number of members, Nebula Prime is today one of the largest groups in the resistance movement. Some of them are more or less physically isolated in the underground, working through the digital network; these are called Neoterics. The other part is those who move in the physical world and use technology, especially implants, in their warfare; the so-called Cyborgs. There are Fight crews that are mixed with both neoterics and cyborgs, but mostly they consists of one or the other, simply because the differences can make it harder to collaborate.

The faction has a very effective direct democracy where Sisters involved gets to shortly speak their minds before voting on a question. The leader of a Fight crew is called Primus and she is chosen by the others to lead in fights and distribute the right to speak in discussions. Five Fight crews make up a cluster and one of its Primus is appointed to lead the cluster, she is called Alta Primus.

Style: As much implants as possible, both real that works and fake ones as a fashion statement.

Makeup: Sharp lines in holographic and metallic colors.

Nebula Prime style