Ira Sub Rosa

Four years ago, Danah Dahl succeeded in infiltrating the Scandinavian Ministry of Genetic Research and leaking information to the public about unethical research conducted there on innocent women. After the disclosure she was arrested. She managed to escape and now lives hidden but is most active in the resistance movement. She created the faction Ira Sub Rosa and educated others in spying through manipulation and the use of false identities. Ira Sub Rosa is one of the more peaceful factions in that they use deadly force only in emergencies and in self-defense. Instead, they are focused on stealing information. By changing their looks, by manipulation, lying and infiltration, they get in everywhere and are able to access data and intelligence. The information they get is often passed on to other factions that use it to plan and implement their actions. Some Sisters call them cowards for their reluctance to kill, but others see the courage needed to go unarmed into the enemy’s arms.

Ira Sub Rosa

These spies know many secrets and weaknesses of politicians and officials, making them feared by the elite. But they must also be very careful, an exposed spy has very small chance of getting out alive and there is a risk that the police will torture them to get information that could hurt other spies and the entire resistance movement. Therefore, the members of Ira Sub Rosa hide their faces when they meet with Sisters from other factions. Infiltration and traitors unfortunately is not unknown and a facial scan in the wrong hands could be a disaster. Black clothing covering the hair and parts of the face when the Ira Sub Rosa agents are not out in the field and under cover have proven effective to avoid ending up on the police radar.

A Fight crew in Ira Sub Rosa is always close knit; complete trust in each and everyone in the group is a must to be able to work out in the field. So whenever they are not on a mission, they will have to work out all the conflicts and arguments. They bicker and cry and scream at each other, to get rid of any frustration before reconnecting for the next mission. Each Fight crew has a designated leader, called Queen, who is responsible for the emotional work being done and who has contact with the faction leaders. Unlike other factions, it is unusual for Fight crews within the Ira Sub Rosa to collaborate. It’s rare to ever meet other Fight crews, so this event when several Fight crews from Ira Sub Rosa are gathered in the same place is a quite unique opportunity to exchange experiences and hang out with other Sisters from the faction.

Style: (When they are not working) Black. Covering hair and parts of the face.

Makeup: White dots in a line above the eyebrows. How many and their exact pattern is different from each Fight crew.

Ira Sub Rosa style