The larp takes place a few generations into the future. In every age, humankind have been waiting for an imminent catastrophe to overthrow society. But as in every age before, there was no overwhelming apocalypse in the 21st century, only a slow change in which some things changed and others remained the same.

Riot TribeThe cities became bigger and bigger as nature was destroyed and turned into a wasteland. Human food is now produced by synthetic means that require neither grazing nor farming and although sometimes people speak nostalgically about how big the world was before they were isolated in the cities, humanity is doing well. Real forests only exist in a few places in the world, where only the richest people have the opportunity to go, but virtual experiences of forests, mountains and seas are available to almost everyone. Technology, for example in the form of implants, have taken the world by storm, but is in large reserved for the rich and powerful. The poor have simpler, cheaper copies and still drive old gasoline cars instead of the fully automated capsules that safely transport those who can afford it. In Sweden there are four mega cities where life for most is ongoing as it always has done in the cities. Poor and rich live side by side but still in different worlds. Men and women live completely different lives, but everyone tries to make the most of what they have.

But throughout Scandinavia a civil war, the so-called Suffragette war, is underway as a constant stream of rebellious violence.