Eng: Participation contract

Participation contract

Attention! Before signing up to this larp you are required to read the below information. And by signing up to the event you are assumed to have read this information and consented to it:

  • The venue has a large amount of steep stairs. However, for your knowledge, this venue has hosted several large music festivals without incidents, so we feel confident in using it for this larp.
  • The venue will be very dusty.
  • The acoustics in this venue is very bombastic so the sound volume during the game could potentially become quite high.

This is what we as organisers promise you as participant:

  • A really cool larp experience that we hope will stay with you for some time, all in a very impressive setting.
  • Casting done to a fight-crew by the 26th of March at the latest.
  • A few informative mails with updates and juicy but short snippets from the homepage about the world.
  • Easy to follow style guides for costume so that you will be able to put together a fitting outfit for your character. The simplest options will not be expensive or time consuming to create.
  • Evening snacks on Friday and then breakfast, two proper meals and post-game-snacks on the day of the larp!
  • The best post-larp-party.
  • If you are a first time larper we promise that you will be well prepared for the larp by the time it starts. Trust us, and read the list below.


This is what we expect of you as a participant:

  • That you have fun! 
  • That you show up on time and stay the full time during the larp. To larp is like playing in an orchestra, not like going to the theatre. You are an actor, not part of an audience (there is none), and when you sign up you have entered a social contract with the rest of us to follow through and participate. Once you have secured a spot at the larp we are counting on you; you are needed for the game and is not easily replaced on short notice.
  • That you bring back with you all the things you brought to the larp.
  • That you carefully read through the information regarding your characters faction, the society and the rebel movement on the website.
  • That you make contact and start a dialogue with the other people in your group.
  • That you create a character well suited for the faction and fight crew that you have been assigned.
  • That you take responsibility for fixing your own costume as well as:
    • your own sleeping arrangements (tent by the venue, hotel or hostel etc.)
    • Tea/coffee cup suitable for in-game use.
    • That you, together with your fight crew, fix the obligatory props that you have been informed about. (Some light sources that runs on batteries, things to sit on, a banner, snacks for the afternoon – see website for more info.)
  • That you strongly consider to join the study circles organised by the larp organisers. They are set up with the help of Studiefrämjandet. The organisers will manage all the administrative work. That people sign up for these study circles enables us to keep the price of the larp down.
  • That you inform us asap should you for any reason not be able to attend the larp; so that we can give the spot to someone from the waiting list.