Daughters of Hiroshima

Daughters of Hiroshima is one of the oldest groups in the resistance. Their formation became a starting point for the war as it is today. The action called ”a new hiroshima” killed 37 women that died painfully when gas was released into the building. This was an attempt by the government to scare the opposition into giving up but the event became a great divide. Many women were silenced by this blatant display of violence, but some realized the seriousness of society’s oppression and joined the struggle that became increasingly violent in the coming years, developing into what is today the civil war.

The Daughters of Hiroshima was created to face a collective and organized military threat, and has therefore embraced the military discipline. The hierarchy is clear, with a designated leader in each Fight Crew, called Captain. The captain is required to listen to the views of the group but ultimately is the one to give the orders. Between four and six Fight Crews is a cell and one of the cell’s Captains is also designated Commander and responsible for the cell and communicates with other commanders (today there are a total of five cells).

Daugthers of Hiroshima

Many of Daughters of Hiroshima’s recruits come from the higher classes of society. This is an advantage in that they know a lot about the men of power that they fight. The disadvantage is that it can often be relatives or former friends who become the targets in the war. While the faction carries out sabotage and full on attacks they are best known for their clinically executed murders on leaders,  executives and politicians. Some of the most skillful snipers and strategists of the resistance are Daughters of Hiroshima, and some of the most famous heroines; celebrated veterans with years of fighting behind them.

Within Daughters of Hiroshima, it is considered important to be able to leave emotions and sentimentality behind in order to do a good job, especially when the job might be to kill people to whom they are related. Daughters can therefore put on a serious expression and are seldom seen laughing or joking. On the other hand, there is a philosophy that the one who never laughs, sings, dances or cries will eventually break down. To let go of the hardship of the war and remember what you are fighting for is important. That’s why Daughters of Hiroshima also throws some of the largest festivals seen in the resistance and Daughters prides themselves on being able to dance at least as wild as others at Dance Macabres and celebratory parties.


Style: Strict. High class. Black, white and grey.

Makeup: Field of color across the eyes and dark lips.

Collage Daugthers og Hiroshima