Fourteen years ago, the Zoza epidemic struck. The fatal epidemic was believed to have killed around 10% of the world’s women. It left over half of the survivors with difficulty in having children or completely sterile.

The Zoza epidemic was a random but natural disease that resulted in chaos and suffering in the short term. In many parts of the world it also meant a long-term decline in structure and economy due to smaller workforce and drastically reduced childbirth. Many of the world’s nations began to introduce laws and restrictions to strengthen childbirth, but often at the expense of women’s rights. Abortion was gradually restricted until it resulted in a complete ban. Pregnant women who were considered to be ”unstable” were taken into institutions against their will, where they were held until the child was born. Women who were considered unsuitable as mothers could be deprived of their child already at birth.

Riot Tribe

Then came the disputed bill: “Law 11-39”, which if it was passed would convert the voluntary and state-funded inseminations for women of childbearing age to compulsory ones, with fines for those who resisted. Groups were formed to spread information and try to stop the bill. However, the government struck hard at women’s meetings and created polemics against the movement that was depicted as backwards and socially harmful. Then the military police stormed a larger meeting in Malmö Megacity with deadly gas and heavy weaponry. Many women died that day and in media it was called New Hiroshima; an attempt at a great show of force to scare the opposition into giving up. The bill was passed, and many women were silenced completely and now live quiet lives, fearing the state’s terrible power.

But those who refused to give up took up arms. The violence escalated and eventually became the civil war that it is today.

Today’s ideal woman is described as calm and harmonious, gentle and humble, and rarely leaves the home unless it absolutely necessary. Actually, many of the women who seeks medical attention are given mildly sedative drugs in addition to their other medicines; so seeing women with distant eyes and a carefree expression is not uncommon. Some women still work outside home, especially the sterile, but it is becoming increasingly unusual and the pressure from society to stay at home, to increase their chances of having children in a serene and calm environment is apparent. The women who leave society to join the resistance clearly show their stance with both attitude and by wearing their makeup like war painting.

The Resistance today consists of many small and large factions, underground guerrilla groups carrying out terrorist attacks and murders on politicians and ministers. A special police team was formed to deal with these terrorist organizations: The Section on Feminist Crime/Sektionen för Feministisk Kriminalitet (SFK). This group has since evolved into a paramilitary force with a big weaponry and, in principle, no restrictions. They run their own prisons, infamous because women who end up there are subjected to systematic torture before they one day ”disappear” or gets some mysterious disease with a fatal outcome.




A simple timeline over the development that leads to present day situation:

14 years ago- the zoza-epidemic

10 years ago- New Hiroshima and 11-39. Within a year Daughters of Hiroshima and Nebula Prime was founded

7 years ago- Nightcrawlers and Riot Tribe was founded

4 years ago- the Ira Sub Rosa was founded