About the Larp

The larp takes place during a meeting between five factions in the war. All groups have lost members and need to fill up the ranks. Therefore, a meeting has been announced and the Mothers are asked to bring rookies that they think might fit in one of the five factions. These rookies will be placed in an appropriate Fight Crew, tested to see if they fit in and are competent enough and, if suitable, they will be made Sisters in the faction. But the gathering is also about addressing important issues that affect the fight at large and meetings are going to be held about things that need to be discussed between the different factions. Among other things there are rumors about a drug that could be a great advantage in the fight, but also has dangerous side effects. Joint decisions must be made, but at the same time the individual warrior always has the right to decide for her own body.

Nebula Prime

Relationships and conflicts between individuals, Fight crews, and factions always make such gatherings interesting, to say the least. The war has created many broken individuals who struggle with sorrow, rage, doubt, and bloodthirst. At the same time it is common for deep friendship and love to emerge in the trenches of the war. The sisterhood is a stormy ocean of strong feelings.

The larp is also framed by mourning the fallen and handling their death. At the start of the larp, each faction will hold a short memorial for those who has died recently and the larp will end with a Dance Macabre to honor them. In such a dance, all Sisters participate, regardless of their relationship with the dead or the group. They all dance together to celebrate the martyrs and the sisterhood of war.