FLAG occurred in 2018. Here are some thoughts from the participants:

”I have never felt so cool during a larp these past 8 years of larping!”

”I was feeling 10 cm taller and that I could accomplish anything together with my sisters. At the same time I was very affected by the situation we were in and the danger and sorrow.”

”Underbar lokal och kände mig stärkt och arg och kämpande när jag åkte därifrån”

”I’ve got a deeper understanding for what my mother, wife, sister and daughters are struggling with in their everyday life.
/Cis man ”

”I will always carry with me the feeling of safety, of security. No worrying about being over-blabbered by a cis man less concerned with larping and more going on autopilot of being a privileged cis man who MUST be seen and heard and therefore steamrolls over everyone else, especially if they are not a cis man.”

”The feeling of being part of a big movement, with different opinions and strategies for how to achieve the same goal, and fighting for a better world against dark forces that want to limit freedom and rights for other humans… the feeling of being able to DO something, and cooperate with others also doing something! Knowing we could, and we did, and we had eachother – all sisters, regardless of gender, together. In the resistance, in our faction, in our sorority, in our fight crew.”

”To fight for the rights of anyone not a cis man, and do so in an environment with only non cis-male characters… it was a magical experience that I treasure greatly.”

”The utter conviction of my character that she would always fight for the cause, and that the ISR methods were absolutely necessary.”

”An amazingly welcome breather from everyday patriarchy. Everyone should do this game, it was so empowering to me, I don’t even.”

”Everyone seems so queer. I love it
It never felt so good to fight patriarchy – alongside my fierce sisters! Really inclusive and safe larp. Would play again every time!”

”So many cool sisters so much sisterhood so much love to bring back home <3”

”I travelled from the UK and would do again in an instant. The bonds that we formed OC and IC were amazing and will stick with me forever. I was filled with a huge sense of achievement by the end, we got a lot done but it still felt like we had years of work ahead of us fighting. I could probably play this game every week for a year and never get tired or bored. I laughed, cried, mourned and aided people as a nurse, sometimes all within half an hour. Afterwards I felt so sad to leave and that it was over, but filled with a strong feeling of power, femininity and pride. I’ll never forget my experience.”

”FLaG was fantastically designed and created a world that I could immerse in immediately. It was an empowering experience.”

”The atmosphere made it deep in my soul. The setting gave me a opertunity too really feel characters struggles and a chance for them too do something about it.”

”The overwhelming feeling about such strong sisterhood is something that I will carry with me for a long time. What an amazing experience to larp without any mansplaining!”

”Having fought the physical fight and felt the sisterhood makes the patriarchy easier to face.
The larp was very epic and I’ve never been to a larp like it before.”

”My first larp ever and I couldn’t have asked for better organisers and players to guide me through it! The fiction was amazingly immersive and easy to get sucked into! ”

”I’ve never felt so empowered as a feminist in my life!”

”I felt safe, brave, involved and so cool! Best larp i have ever been to! I did not know anyone before but everyone felt like friends and I was included in every place i went! 😄”

”It was so empowering and wonderful to take this possibility to go out of my comfort zone and be the bad as rock star that my character was. This space was so valuable and so important! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️”

”An empowering larp about sisterhood. It was a great balance between the joy of good larping and at the same time created both emotions and insights to bring into ones every-day life.”

”I have seldom felt so empowered and safe, kick-ass-cool and full of agency as on this larp!”

”Everything from the awesome location and tasty food to the fiction and roles, everything contributed to creating one of my best larping experiences!”

”The larp taught me that I’m stronger than I think and have it in me to kick the patriarchy in the nuts! And how super-mega awsome women are! Sisters unite!”

”This was so empowering! It felt safe, it was fun and everyone seemed so comfortable!”

”It was a total uniqe larp experience to be in a larp without any ass-hating dudes and male douchebags. But it was also a great larp! And that made my experiens more intense since I could focus all my energy on the game and acting instead.”


This is a Larp about Life and Fight.

In a dystopic vision of the future, we can see the patriarchy in its strongest and most violent form and experience the Sisterhood that resists and rebels against it.

Nebula Prime

Like almost all larps, Fight Like A Girl is about identity, group dynamics and relationships, about difficult situations and impossible decisions. These elements tell people’s history of all times, in this case, in a setting of war against oppression.

Expect kick-ass cyberpunk women, colors, dancing, fighting, arguments, anger and joy. Enjoy the coolest abandoned factory ever as your larp locale, complete with a lasergame arena and grafitti floor on site.

Join us, and #FightLikeAGirl!

When: 8-9th of June, 2018.

Where: Norberg, Sweden. (The most epic cyberpunk abandoned factory you’ve ever seen!)

How: Browse through the webpage to find out more – then simply Sign Up!