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This is a Larp about Life and Fight.

In a dystopic vision of the future, we can see the patriarchy in its strongest and most violent form and experience the Sisterhood that resists and rebels against it.

Nebula Prime

Like almost all larps, Fight Like A Girl is about identity, group dynamics and relationships, about difficult situations and impossible decisions. These elements tell people’s history of all times, in this case, in a setting of war against oppression.

Expect kick-ass cyberpunk women, colors, dancing, fighting, arguments, anger and joy. Enjoy the coolest abandoned factory ever as your larp locale, complete with a lasergame arena and grafitti floor on site.

Join us, and #FightLikeAGirl!

When: 8-9th of June, 2018.

Where: Norberg, Sweden. (The most epic cyberpunk abandoned factory you’ve ever seen!)

How: Browse through the webpage to find out more – then simply Sign Up!